UOP commencement ceremonies to include nearly 2,000 graduates


Throughout three campuses and in the course of four commencement ceremonies, University of the Pacific will graduate nearly 2,000 students.

This year, UOP is graduating 1,986 students with career goals of pharmacy, law, education, engineering, data science and others. The commencements will be held at the Stockton campus, Sacramento and San Francisco.

“I’m so very proud of these graduating students,” said Pamela A. Eibeck, president of UOP, in a statement. “Each of them came to Pacific to find their purpose so that they could be successful. I congratulate them on their many achievements and I can’t wait to see what good they will do in the future.”

Of the students graduating from the Stockton campus, ages range from 19 to 67 years old, 1,000 are women and 612 are men.

“The education I received and experience I gained at Pacific helped me discover a passion that I did not know existed in a field where I can directly improve people’s lives,” said Nasser Saleh, of Stockton, whose career will be in research and development engineering, designing heart valve therapies. “I used to dream of pointing to parts on cars that I designed, but now I dream of someday pointing to someone’s heart and knowing that I worked on the device that keeps it beating.”


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