Preaching what he practices: Stockton native helping clients reach goals through fitness

Larry Williams Jr. became a professional bodybuilder before becoming a personal trainer.

The energy that comes from Larry Williams, Jr is infectious. That’s part of his plan to motivate those that he trains.

After a life of working two jobs and staying fit, Williams, a Stockton native, opened Larry Dubb Fitness, training exclusively at Fitness System in Lodi. And he’s bringing a wealth of healthy knowledge with him.

In 2008, Williams took his fitness to the next level by delving into the world of competitive bodybuilding. The following year, he competed in IFBB Pro League/NPC Sacramento Championship, taking first place in the middle weight class.

“I never took first place in any sport I competed in, until I competed in my first bodybuilding show,” Williams, 34, said. “I can honestly say bodybuilding changed my life. It taught me discipline. It taught me patience. Especially in being organized. Everything is on a time schedule.”

That meant knowing exactly when he had to eat and knowing how much training he had to complete each week, despite holding down two jobs.

“Everything was based on a time schedule, so it definitely taught me discipline, dedication and also patience,” Williams said.

Williams takes that discipline beyond the competitions to put it into practice for his clients. Having completed his certification through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), He took the fundamentals he learned in his own training to put to practice on his clients.
“I want to put all my focus into my clients,” Williams said. “This is what I love, this is my passion. I still love bodybuilding, but it’s a great feeling when you can help make a change in someone’s life.”

That doesn’t mean every client is going to be a bodybuilder though.

“When [clients] come see me, they think, ‘he’s going to have me doing all kinds of deadlifts.’ No. No. Every workout of each client is different. I do it specifically to their needs,” Williams said. Some workouts will be tailored to weight loss, some to strength conditioning or whatever the need happens to be.

Larry Williams Jr. works with a client at Fitness System in Lodi on a recent afternoon.

And like any good trainer (Williams prefers the word “coach”) will tell you, diet plays a factor as well. He said people get scared when they hear the world “diet,” but for Williams it’s not about denial, it’s about smarter choices and form healthier habits.

“We all have to make choices, so at the end of the day we’re adults and you know the choice you made and the repercussions that come after it,” Williams said. “If you’re struggling to where you have to have that meal, then go ahead, but don’t use that as an excuse over and over.”

As he works with clients, Williams feels it’s necessary to show the human side of what he does. That means he takes the time to actually exercise right along with each client, getting winded and sweaty too.

“My clients allow me to workout with them. They love to see me sweat and get tired as well. It helps motivate them to keep going,” Williams said. “They see me like, ‘He is human, he does get tired like I do.’ I’m working out five, six days a week along with my clients.”
A gradute of Stagg High School in Stockton, Williams would like to eventually work more with kids, giving them guidance.

“I feel they need that guidance, not just for working out,” Williams said. “I help so many of my clients get through so many things, that I want to translate that into kids. The skills I can teach them, they can use in life.”


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