2020 is “the worst year of all time”, for the magazine ‘Time’

“This is the story of a year you won’t want to go back to”. Thus begins the article that heads the cover of the latest issue of the famous magazine Time in which this 2020 is defined, which they qualify as the “worst year of all time” (“The worst year ever”).

“There have been worse years in US history, and undoubtedly worse in world history, but lmost of us who are alive today have not seen any like this “, continues the article, which reviews the main events of a 2020 that barely has a month left.

Natural catastrophes, an American election put in between said for reasons of “fantasy” and a pandemic that has taken more than million and a half lives are some of the reasons for the weekly to define 2020 as the worst. The deaths of the judge also stand out Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Kobe Bryant, actor Chadwick Bosemanor the murder of George Floyd.

“We are bored, anxious, exploited, or worse, unemployed”, adds the text that ends by appealing to the “inherent optimism” of Americans, an optimism that they define as our most ridiculous and greatest trait. “

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