2020 NBA Playoffs: Siakam and VanVleet leave the Raptors on the brink of qualification (3-0)

2020 NBA Playoffs The Nets could never compete with the reigning champion

Siakam smashes the Nets rim under LeVert’s gaze. EFE

The Raptors again passed over the Nets (92-117) and they already glimpse the second round in a series most placid for Nick Nurse’s pupils. Siakam (26 + 8 + 5) and an inspired VanVleet (22 + 5 + 5) they led the triumph of the current champion, who at all times managed the rhythm of the match and the scoreboard without problems.

Lowry (11 + 10 + 78) and Ibaka (20 + 13) they were the other props of some very solid Raptors in defense and superior in rebounding and shooting percentages. More discreet was Marc Gasol (3 + 5 + 6), erratic facing the rim (1/7).

The Nets, Weighed down by the known casualties of Kevin Durant and Kyrie IrvingThis time, they did not even offer arguments to even disturb their rival. In the first part LeVet (15 + 4 + 6) and Luwawu-Cabarrot (10 + 3 + 3) they were kept with a thread of life (42-57).

However, after the break only Tyler Johnson (23) and Chiozza (14) They showed their faces, insufficient before the energy and the success of Siakam, VanVleet and Ibaka, who left the game sentenced at the end of the third act (68-84). In the last, the obviously inferior Nets ended up surrendering and allowed themselves to be carried 92-117 final.

Tomorrow (00.30 Spanish time) the Raptors have the first chance to close out their qualification and will try do it on the fast track to have more rest time before starting the second round. The series, except for an unlikely miracle, seems to be seen for sentencing.

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