2020 NBA Playoffs: The Bucks lose Antetokounmpo but complete a miracle against the Heat

Playoffs NBA 2020 The Greek, KO for a sprained ankle in the second quarter

Giannis Antetokounmpo receiving a very treacherous MVP. It is possible that he was the best player in the regular league, but neither his performance nor his numbers in the tie against the Heat they were in keeping with that award. And that’s what it seemed that he wanted to erase the Greek in one fabulous 11 minutes.

But it is more, without him, the Bucks have been able to win, to the fourth, the first game of the series to Miami. And by the way keep alive a project that is about to blow up … again.

The Bucks have managed to avoid the black history of the NBA by being the tenth leader of the regular league that falls with a resounding 4-0 in the Playoffs. And they have done it without the man who has led them here and who has made them believe in the real possibility of the title.

With 30-31 at 10:17 to end the second quarter, Antetokounmpo left the game. Literally. He sprained his ankle the same as the previous game, in a play against Iguodala, and this time I couldn’t hold out. By then, the Greek sustained his team with a 19-point gale in 11 minutes. The Bucks’ other top scorer was Korver with three. Without him, the Bucks were lost … or maybe not. NBA stuff.

Without his star, the team with the most wins in the regular season changed completely. They began to contribute players who disappeared until then as Middleton, Bledsoe, Hill or Lopez. So much so that the Bucks went into halftime with an advantage (50-48) and had another face.

But the Heat seemed to do much better at the end. They didn’t have to turn to their star Jimmy Butler (17 points), almost to the end. Adebayo (26), Robinson (20), Crowder (18) and Dragic (17) they were guiding the Heat to a new sweep.

The Bucks began to defend in the final minutes giving up on their project crashing again, like last year when they lost four in a row to the Raptors after winning the first two, and they were able to win in regular time. But DiVicenzo he missed one of the two free throws at the end. The sledgehammer turned into extra energy.

In overtime, Milwaukee pulled out weak strength to win the game. If in the third quarter the star was Middleton (36 points, top scorer of the game), in the extension the best was Brook Lopez. And in the last seconds, again Middleton, perhaps showing that he plays better without the Greek on the court, decided the crash with a trippy.

Almost a miracle the Bucks are still alive, forcing Game 5 and avoiding the embarrassment of a sweep. We will have to see the state of Antetokounmpo’s ankle in the face of that fifth clash, although, given what has been seen, maybe the loss of the Greek is not so bad news for Milwaukee …