2020 US presidential election: Trump wants to enter the judicial arena in person

“The file that everyone is waiting for is that of Texas”, “it is very solid, ALL CRITERIA ARE FULFILLED”, he tweeted before formally asking the highest court of the United States for the right “to ‘intervene’ in the procedure as a candidate for re-election.

Five weeks after the poll, and while the States have already certified their results, he still refuses to concede defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, and assures that the election has been “stolen” from him.

For lack of tangible evidence to back up his accusations of “massive fraud”, the fifty or so complaints filed by his allies across the United States have all – with one exception – been dismissed by the courts or dropped.

On Tuesday, the state of Texas, led by Republicans, attempted a final action, directly with the Supreme Court, of which three out of nine judges were appointed by Donald Trump.

He asked him to invalidate the results in key states of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin (won by Joe Biden), arguing that local authorities violated election laws by expanding the use of postal voting.

Seventeen other Republican states have supported it.

Experts in electoral law, however, deemed the approach unfounded. “It’s a press release disguised as a complaint,” Professor Rick Hasen said on his Election blog. “We have a new candidate in the category + craziest election complaint +,” added Texas confederate Steve Vladeck on Twitter.

They predicted the same fate for him as another action, brought by an elected Republican from Pennsylvania, rejected Tuesday by the Supreme Court.

Donald Trump had however hoped that the high court, which he has profoundly reshuffled, would intervene in his favor.

The day after the poll, he said he wanted to seize it, no doubt hoping for a reissue of the 2000 scenario when the Supreme Court had interrupted a recount in Florida offering the presidential election to George W. Bush.

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