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In the midst of a time that seems complex due to various situations, brands must capitalize on each of their assets to gain relevance in the market, where packaging is a vital piece.

And it is that for some years, this element stopped being a simple system to protect the products; Now we are talking about a property that has given many brands identity and that is capable of communicating and connecting with the consumer at the time of decision-making.

In principle, it is fair to consider the environment in which this crucial element for any brand operates.

As reported by the Global Association for Marketing at Retail (POPAI, for its acronym in English), 76 percent of purchase decisions are made at the point of sale.

However, given the growing competition within the market, it is increasingly difficult for brands to capitalize on this behavior. Brand loyalty is an increasingly complex asset to achieve.

According to The State of Customer Loyalty report, about 80 percent of 2 thousand respondents They stated that it takes at least three purchases to be considered loyal. But another 37 percent said they need at least five purchases.

Considering the above, taking care of every detail of the identity of the brands is essential to improve the guarantees of success and, under this logic, packaging is of special importance.

According to a study conducted by C Space, 39 percent of consumers trust a brand thanks to the presentation or packaging that characterize its products, so meeting their expectations can motivate a purchase decision.

Being more specific, at least in markets like Mexico, packaging is a factor to increase the value of a product. 69 percent of consumers in Mexico are willing to pay more for a product that has good packaging, according to the conclusions of the Packaging Study prepared by the Merca2.0 Research Department.

These figures will take on a much stronger meaning if we consider the conditions that the pandemic has left.

The impulse of electronic commerce as well as the reduction of many of the production chains will demand that manufacturers give greater value to their packaging to improve their guarantees of relevance and visibility before the consumer who, right now, still seems unwilling to spend in certain categories .

With this in mind, we share three trends that will dictate the direction of packaging design in 2021:

Sustainable packaging

Although this is not new, the truth is that this year it will resume strongly. Last year, sustainable trends seem to have been held back by the necessary return to plastic to ensure hygiene and safety.

Now that things are beginning to return to normal, it is expected that the packaging will resume its compostable chamber, even with greater force, since the pandemic generated an even greater awareness among the saurians about the need to take care of the world to have a greater and better standard of living.

Reusable packaging

The premises of the so-called circular economy have reached the world of packaging design, with which the creation of product and packaging reuse cycles will be the norm.

In other words, in order to purchase a product at a lower price or to ensure that consumption will be zero waste, consumers will begin to adopt packaging that moves away from single-use packaging.

We have already seen how some brands such as Burger King and McDonald’s have begun to test this type of packaging and, although there are many aspects to be polished, the truth is that they will be a trend in the following months.

Grab-and-go packaging

As a habit acquired in the midst of the pandemic, customers will seek to spend less time in stores shopping. In this way, the packages that promote the “arrive, take and leave” will be privileged.

This not only refers to the ease of buying the products, but also to the packaging that allows quick and intelligent purchase decisions to be scammed.

The use of easy-to-read fonts, easy-to-decipher codes, clear labeling, and promoting the use of colors that quickly attract attention are aspects that should be considered in packaging design.

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