4 functions of the Samsung Galaxy S21 that we want in the iPhone 13

The Samsung Galaxy S21 have already been presented and have copied some functions of the iPhone, and not necessarily the best. Samsung has followed Apple’s lead and has removed the charger and headphones from the box, but it has also included cool features that we would like to have on the iPhone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra are on the market, we already know them perfectly, with their successes and their mistakes. We are going to analyze what we like the most and what we would like to have on the iPhone.

Some things about the Samsung Galaxy S21 that we want to see in the iPhone 13

The new ones Samsung Galaxy S21 arrive with some features that we miss on the iPhone. They are not many, but let’s hope that at least these 4 functions will be seen in the near future on the Apple device.

Touch ID under the screen

Something that we have been seeing for several years on Android and that we still do not have on the iPhone, despite the continuous rumors. The Samsung Galaxy S21 include a new ultrasonic fingerprint sensor under the screen, which promises to be one of the best, fastest and most reliable on the market.

iPhone 12 Touch ID
Although much has been rumored about it, Apple has not included TouchID under the panel in the new iPhones.

This is a function that many of us want to see on the iPhone as alternate unlocking method, for when Face ID is not working properly. Rumors say that it is something that could happen with the iPhone 13, we will see if it is true.

Periscope camera with 10x optical zoom and up to 100x

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra includes 4 rear cameras, and two of them are telephoto sensors. We met with a 3x telephoto sensor and another 10x. This makes the optical zoom of the device much better, even reaching the figure of 100x.

iPhone 12 Pro in hand
iPhone 12 Pro and its cameras in Pacific Blue

It is rumored that Apple is testing these types of lenses and that they could reach the iPhone in the future. Currently the iPhone 12 Pro has a 2x telephoto lens and iPhone 12 Pro Max 2.5x. However a deeper zoom can be very interesting in many circumstances.

120 Hz display

Something that must arrive with the next generation of iPhone, Yes or yes. It was a rumor that we expected to be fulfilled with the iPhone 12, but that ultimately did not happen.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S21 have screens capable of reaching up to 120 Hz refresh rate without having to lower the resolution of the screen as before, and hopefully Apple uses those same screens on the iPhone 13.

iPhone 12 Pro on a table
The iPhone 12 screen

USB-C connection

Probably the hardest thing to accomplish, even if it’s a request that is repeated every year. It is quite possible that Apple eliminated the iPhone port before opting for USB-C, however it would be very interesting to change this port. In this way, with a single charger, you could charge your Mac, iPad and iPhone.

These 4 functions of the Samsung Galaxy S21 are very interesting and I hope they reach the iPhone at some pointHopefully with the next generation that will arrive in 2021.

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