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Sad, but true: the box office in Mexico returned to the levels of the last week of August, when it was released The New Mutants. Lost 30% of revenue vs. the previous week and 50% in relation to the numbers that were registered –on average– in December. The reason is simple: cinemas have closed in many states, the numbers of cases – and deaths – of COVID have increased alarmingly, and the cinema has become, once again, a dispensable option, especially since in many cases it is associated to shopping malls, today also closed due to the pandemic.

As we anticipated last week, Wonder Woman 1984 is already the most successful film of the COVID-Era and in less than 10 days it will enter the top 10 of the highest grossing films released in 2020, leaving out The wild call, his CGI puppy and his $ 80.5 million pesos. So far, Diana Prince adds $ 76.6 million pesos (MDP) and 1.2 million viewers, and could eventually reach $ 100 million, in the event that in certain states the cinemas closed today reopen towards the end of the month.

Mexico ticket office

Second place is for the fifth film that reached 1 million viewers in the COVID-Era. We talk about The Croods 2: A New Era, which reached the magic figure after a month on the billboard, thus joining the club of Wonder Woman 1984, The witches, The New Mutants and Greenland. Reaching $ 60 million pesos will take a little more than a week, since until today it adds up to $ 56.4 million pesos (by their nature, children’s movies sell cheaper tickets, largely because of the mantiné schedules).

Invasion: The End of Time debuted in Mexican theaters after several date changes. Apparently, it would have been better to premiere at the beginning of December, since now he could only enter $ 2.9 million courtesy of 49 thousand viewers. Otherwise is that of Monster hunter, a film whose name (and poster) could well confuse 28,100 unsuspecting people who were looking to see in theaters now Monster hunter, they came across this proposal … and they found something different. In its first 4 days, the film added $ 1.5 million.

The rest of the top 10 are proposals that have between 2 and 22! weeks in the count. Movies that are 2 weeks old are Once upon a time ($ 5.3 million pesos and 89,500 viewers) and The witch game ($ 1.3 million, 25,400 viewers). In contrast, the movie with 5 months on the billboard is Damn soul, which adds up to $ 2.4 million and 46,600 tickets sold.

Mexico ticket office

In the middle were two proposals that have made quite decent numbers. On the one hand, the Nordic film The tunnel, which in 4 weeks has been seen by 123,900 viewers and adds up to $ 6.2 million, and on the other hand, the Mexican comedy Tell me when you, which has accumulated $ 6.3 million and 106,500 viewers since its premiere at Christmas. Although it is difficult, it could still remove from the Mexican top 10 of 2020 The League of 5 ($ 9.5 million) and sneak in 10th place.

Finally, Greenland (The day of the end of the world) wants to take advantage of all his time in theaters before hitting Prime Video this month. So far it adds up to $ 64.3 million pesos and 1.1 million in 8 weeks.

Top 10. Box office in Mexico
Weekend 2. From January 7 to 10, 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 $ 4.4 million (Warner Bros. Pictures)The Croods 2: A New Era $ 3.4 MDP (Universal Pictures)Invasion: The End of Time $ 2.9 million (Corazón Films)Monster hunter $ 1.5 MDP (Star Distribution)Once upon a time $ 1.4 million (ZIMA)End of the World Day $ 1.1 million (Diamond Films)Tell me when you $ 881,400 pesos (Cinépolis Distribución)The Witch’s Game $ 455,100 pesos (Dark Side)Damn soul $ 88,500 pesos (Star Distribution)The tunnel $ 53,600 pesos (Gussi Cinema)

Sources: @CANACINE, @Showbeast

Corollary: Global Box Office

Demon Slayer highest grossing film Japan

Wonder Woman 1984. The sequel added $ 7.7 million dollars (MDD) this week in 41 global markets, taking its accumulated to $ 32.6 million in the US and $ 98.8 in overseas territories, for a total of $ 131.4 million globally. China is its largest territory (albeit with disappointing numbers: $ 25 million), followed by Australia ($ 14.5 million). A Little Red Flower. The Chinese production was the highest grossing film in the world this week. Until today, it accumulates $ 160 million, and could end up in the neighborhood of $ 210, moving to Birds of prey to 10th place global of 2020.Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train. It was, for the 12th week, the highest grossing film in Japan, accumulating $ 376 million (yes, $ 3 million more than Tenet). Now it’s heading to the $ 400 million neighborhood, feasible if it opens in China.Soul. With $ 36 million in China, it will soon be Pixar’s 3rd highest grossing film, ahead of Finding Dory ($ 38.4) and only behind Coconut and Incredibles 2. When adding another 10 markets without Disney +, his accumulated advances to $ 47.3 million. On January 20 and 21, it will debut in South Korea and Russia, respectively.The Croods 2: A New Era. Present in 18 markets, it accumulates $ 127.8 million, global, with China contributing more than $ 50 million and Australia and Russia, more than $ 10. Mexico contributes $ 3 million. ticket office

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