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Lose weight: 4 natural remedies to lose weight in a healthy way
January 09, 2021 18:59 hs

Beyond intense diets, which can be dangerous in the short or long term, losing weight implies maintaining a motivation to change the acquired modern lifestyle habits that are not so healthy.

A slow metabolism, hormonal imbalance, prolonged stress, lack of sleep, a poorly nutritious diet and a sedentary lifestyle are really important factors in your goal of reducing sizes. Good cardiovascular and strength exercise, coupled with a diet with more vegetables and fruits work.

As a kind of shortcut, these home remedies tend to improve your metabolism and promote the burning of fat in the body naturally. Pay attention! Here are the most effective home remedies for weight loss:

Green Tea: Combined with healthy eating and lifestyle habits, the consumption of this infusion every day guarantees an acceleration in the burning of fats in your body, all thanks to an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate according to experts from the University of Chicago. Increased consumption of vegetables: made up of complex carbohydrates, which take longer to digest and leave you satisfied. Foods like spinach, for example, can pause cravings and beat hunger, all thanks to the thylakoid compound and that it achieves better urination due to its water content. Substitute honey for sugarDespite having 17 grams of sugar for each tablespoon, honey has fructose and glucose in almost the same proportion and does not raise the calories in the body as processed sugar as studied at Harvard. Eat more mushrooms: It has been shown that the consumption of mushrooms as a substitute for meat, at least once a week, brings benefits for reducing sizes in a short period of time due to its low level of calories / fat and high in protein.

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