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The ability to generate money has been one of Musk’s qualities, since he has set a very important precedent in each of the industries in which he undertakes.

Elon Musk is today and without a doubt a benchmark to understand economic capacity.

Among the elements that help us understand Musk’s role in the market are those that warn us of the value of the companies he has consolidated.

Elon musk He is one of the key personalities to understand the current market, thanks to each of the companies he has founded and which have given him the ability to influence various industries.

Whether with Tesla or SpaceX, each of these companies have become important examples of how to set a precedent in the marketplace.

As is to be expected, one of the elements that have helped Musk is talent management and reading books has been crucial in this effort to achieve this.

Within a First Round Capital estimate, the firm found who the personalities were that most inspired tech entrepreneurs.

The firm found in its estimate that Elon Musk was the greatest reference for these entrepreneurs, thanks to the success of companies like Tesla and SpaceX.

The second man who inspired them the most was Jeff Bezos, who has made Amazon one of the most powerful references in the e-commerce market.

Within this estimate, Mark Zuckerberg appeared in the third position, thus consolidating himself into a benchmark to be able to talk about social networks, as happened with Steve Jobs, who after having died continues to be an example to follow for these entrepreneurs.

Tesla, a great example

Tesla is a great example of how an idea ends up being consolidated in the market and being a benchmark that does not have waste, on the contrary, it is a lesson of how important it becomes to be able to innovate in the market.

The firm is today one of the most valuable automotive brands, with which it has undoubtedly become a benchmark in the market.

Faced with this expectation, understanding the automotive market is understanding a series of elements that lead us to understand the capacity with which brands today must think about innovation and what is more important, think about the way of doing business.

SpaceX, migrate to another planet

One of Musk’s greatest expectations with SpaceX is to colonize Mars and this has been the great engine to reform an entire aerospace industry, breaking with old practices that stalled an industry with great potential.

The capacity of SpaceX has been such that it has become a great example of how to think about the current market, rethinking operations and thereby establishing guidelines that undoubtedly reveal the role of consumption.

Talent management with the help of books

Books are important references that help us to understand the capacity with which a brand manages to stand out in the market and what is more important, they warn us of the potential that exists in good idea management, just as the scope that Musk has shown. achieved with some of the companies that we have reviewed in previous paragraphs, achievements that he attributes, says the billionaire, to reading at least these five books:

Elon muskElon musk

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