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We all have habits that damage our phone and laptop. We may not have them all, but surely you did one of these and you are damaging your mobile device and laptop. That is why we decided to make this list, so that you take into account the things that you should not do to take better care of your phone and laptop.

Use the device until it reaches 0%

Many people use the mobile device or laptop until it reaches 0% battery. Some even think that, in order to connect the device to electricity, they must first drain the entire battery and this is not the case.

Completely discharging the battery can cause chemical reactions within the battery that shorten battery life and damaging electromagnetic waves when the battery is too low. That is why it is so important to take care of the mobile battery.

Actually, it is best to try to connect the phone to the power as little as possible, the more we do it, the more the battery life will be reduced. However, if we have to, it is not at all advisable to wait for it to run out, when we are at 20% we should already connect it.

Charging the battery for too long and not disconnecting it

Most devices on the market use lithium ion batteries. The problem with these kinds of batteries is that they get quite hot during charging. Obviously if the phone is constantly charging and receiving power for too long. The temperature will be too high and the durability of the components will be damaged.

We must bear in mind that despite the fact that our mobile is blocked, many applications continue to work in the background and consume energy. This means that if it stays connected to the current, it is always charging. Even though when we go to review it, it is 100%, it just drops to 99%, it charges again and so on, this seriously damages the quality of the battery.

Use the phone while charging

This is quite normal and damages your device more than you think. If it’s not too urgent, you should ideally not use the device while it is charging. By using it, you not only get it to load slower. If not, you even double the temperature of it. So the useful life will decrease considerably.

Place the laptop on any kind of surface

Either you are in bed and decide to watch a series or that you simply put it on some padded place. When we leave it on this kind of surface, the ventilation holes of the device end up being covered. Sometimes completely and sometimes partially.

However, if the laptop’s ventilation is obstructed, obviously the heat it generates stays within it. This will cause heat and not only damage the battery, it will also damage other components of the notebook.

Using the laptop outdoors too long

Although laptops are designed precisely to be used wherever we want. Nor should we abuse this, especially if we are going to be outdoors. We have to keep a few things in mind when we use it outdoors.

The first is obviously the amount of dust or dirt that can enter the laptop, this will end up making it too dirty, which ends up generating more heat in the long run. Remember that the greatest enemy of technology is precisely dust or water.

But as if it were not enough, if it sunbathes too long, not only will the temperature of it rise. If not, the screen and its color will also be affected. You need to be very careful when using the laptop outdoors.

As you will see, these habits damage your mobile phone and laptop. They are simple things that many of us do and the worst of all is that we generally do not realize the damage that we are generating to our devices.

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