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Tash sultana is back and big. The young Australian composer, with everything and the complications that the pandemic caused for the industry in 2020, did not stop delighting us with several singles to promote her album Terra Firma…. Now this album is finally coming to platforms for us to enjoy from start to finish.

The second record label of Natasha -her real name- comes with a lot of expectation behind and we must say it: it is a job that you should not miss at all. And if you want to know why, don’t worry because here we are going to give you five good reasons to listen to this material without excuses.

An interview with Tash SultanaAn interview with Tash Sultana

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1. Tash Sultana meets the expectation of the second installment

With all the quarantine stuff on top Tash sultana He did not hold back and as he could, he began promoting what would be his second record label. Thus, little by little, the Melbourne native embarked on the release of various singles such as “Pretty Lady”, “Beyond The Pine”, “Willow Tree” and others who predicted an unparalleled delivery.

By then, he had already raised enough interest in the work he was developing. In addition to that, we must mention that his first album, Flow State (2018), had already positioned her as one of the musical promises to follow in her country and around the world.

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In that sense, as is known in the music industry and others, the second installments always generate a doubt about whether it will be possible to achieve the same quality as, in this case, the first album. Definitely, Terra Firma has achieved it through 14 great songs.

2. It is an ambitious production with diverse textures

With only 25 years old and as an artist who is characterized by basically composing all her work on her own, Tash Sultana continues to demonstrate his entire instrumental and compositional capacity without holding back at all. Explore with all kinds of nuances and instrumentation.

In this way, the Australian and her team of collaborators in the production display exceptional virtuosity, for example, in the combination of conventional elements such as a guitar full of effects and delays together with the occasional electronic beat. And it sounds exquisite. The proof of this great synthesis is in topics like “Vanilla Honey “and” Sweet And Dandy “. That brings us to the next point….

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3. Tash Sultana and its infinity of variants that will make you move

Few artists have the ability to gloat their proposal in various styles. Some try, but it is not easy to embrace so many aspects at the same time. That is where Tash sultana triumph with Terra Firma. The album opens with a purely instrumental track called “Musk” that is difficult to pigeonhole. Let’s say, in short, which is an experimental track.

The one that follows, “Crop Circles”, is much more different, developed in a sea of ​​textures close to soul. The next big leap comes with “Beyond The Pine” and his flirty funky-R&B beat, where Tash seems to have recorded his double track vocals alongside a chorus that never out of tune.

An interview with Tash SultanaAn interview with Tash Sultana

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4. There is also room for melancholy and ballads

If the first part of the album invited you to move your head and dance without prejudice, the next part is a bit more melancholic. Nostalgic songs are not lacking for those who feel distressed and need sonorous comfort. This is how it appears “Pretty Lady”, which is of all the tracks on the album the one that leans the most on the folk theme.

Then, already in the most full of ballads, they come “Dream My Life Away”, “Maybe You’ve Changed” Y “Eat” they represent magnificently. The same vibe is breathed towards the end of the album when they close “Let The Light In “and” I Am Free “. So if you were expecting an album that explored sentimentality in various facets, Terra Firma is the required compilation.

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5. Tash Sultana as part of the new generation of idols

Based on everything we have mentioned, we can safely say that Terra Firma It is an album outside of what we commonly see in the music industry. Under that idea, taking 2020 and 2021 as a time reference, we can begin to cement the idea of the new idols who in the immediate future will dominate the scene, the festivals -when they return- and the lists.

If we do a quick count, today the names of A begin to emerge stronglyrlo Parks, Will Joseph Cook, Benee, Yungblud, Billie Eilish herself and other talents who are ready to take over the world of music. There, among those musicians, composers and singers, it is also directed Tash Sultana with Terra Firma like his flagship album.

An interview with Tash SultanaAn interview with Tash Sultana

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