7 experiments to do with children, learn and have fun!

The curiosity of the little ones knows almost no limits, as does their passion for crafts. So why not put the two together so you can make the most of your time creating, learning about science, and having fun? Summer brings too much free time for boys and girls and that is why it is the perfect time to launch yourself into offering these kinds of activities.

For this reason, we have dived for the ideas that some dads and moms have already put into practice with their suckers and posted on their Instagram accounts. We thus propose some simple experiments that you can carry out in a few minutes and with easily available materials, from vinegar or bicarbonate, to cornstarch.

With them, children will be able to observe how a chemical reaction takes place, how a process of change in temperature, volume, texture or color happens … They will even understand how rain is created!

Of course, you should not be afraid of getting your hands dirty!