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Another 78 people died and 7,808 were reported with coronavirus in the last 24 hours in Argentina, with which there are 44,495 deaths officially registered at the national level and 1,722,217 those infected since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health reported this Sunday.

There are 3612 internees in units of intensive therapy, with a percentage of 54.5% adult bed occupancy in the country and 58.4% in the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area.

A 58.17% of those infected today correspond to the City and Province of Buenos Aires.

Of the 1,722,217 infected, 87.77% were discharged and 165,972 are active confirmed cases. On the last 24 hours 38,365 tests were carried out and since the beginning of the outbreak there have been 5,228,200 diagnostic tests for this disease, which is equivalent to 115,217 samples per million inhabitants.

Of the 43 men who died in the last day, 23 were residents of the province of Buenos Aires, 1 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 in Chaco; 2 in Chubut; 2 in Entre Ríos; 2 in La Pampa; 3 in Río Negro; 4 in Santa Cruz; 4 in Santa Fe and 1 in Santiago del Estero.

Of the 34 women who died in the same period, 26 resided in the province of Buenos Aires; 2 in the City of Buenos Aires; 1 from Chaco; 1 in Chubut; 1 in Entre Ríos; 1 in La Pampa; 1 in Río Negro and 1 in Tucumán. The Ministry clarified that a person residing in the province of Buenos Aires was registered without sex data.

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The Buenos Aires Chief of Cabinet, Carlos Bianco, warned that official indicators show that, if the restrictive measures are not complied with, the cases of Covid-19 « will continue to increase », so he asked « to reinforce the care and compliance with the protocols. »

Bianco pointed out that although the president’s instruction Alberto Fernández and Governor Axel Kicillof is « taking care of life without neglecting work and production », the position is that you cannot « go head-on into a health disaster », therefore, he stressed, « care and compliance with protocols must be reinforced. »

However, it stood out as a « good news « what « The time that people spend in intensive care with respect to the first wave is quite less. »

At the same time. the infectologist Pedro Cahn affirmed before the increase of the cases of coronavirus that « any measure of restriction will have an effect » and assured that as Strict quarantine is « not possible » by the economic situation, the social and psychological issue, « We must appeal to the responsibility of each one. »

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