9 office devices that have been replaced by the iPhone

Say that the iPhone It has changed our lives, it implies a greater or lesser amount of things, depending on many factors such as our occupation or age. For many, the iPhone has always been a familiar device, while others have seen its evolution since the “An iPod, a telephone and an Internet communicator”, which Steve Jobs introduced in 2007, to the powerful iPhone 12 of our day that works for almost everything.

People working
Many work life tools have come together on mobile devices

This time we will focus on reviewing some of the devices that the iPhone has replaced in the workplace, and because it is much more than a means to communicate.

Everything is on the iPhone

iPhone held in one hand
IPhone makes many of your daily office routines easier


Does anyone use one today? With functions capable of performing both basic and scientific calculations, mobile phone calculators have almost completely replaced conventional devices. For a few years now, many offices have taken it for granted as the obvious choice for solving a calculation.

Corporate credit card.

credit card Apple Card
IPhone provides secure options for making digital payments

The options of the iPhone have replaced the physical card or the need to store data as sensitive as the codes and numbers printed on the card. Instead, it is possible to include the data from virtual wallets that can be handled on the device, backed by various security measures.

Office and car keys

Security for entering offices and vehicles can also be managed on the iPhone

Some options on the iPhone allow you to replace your door keys today. Even a growing number of car rental agencies now offer digital keys that you can unlock with your iPhone.


Through the iPhone you can control the lighting and temperature systems.

Yes, you read it right. The office thermostat thing. The iPhone does not completely replace the office thermostat but the lighting and heating systems with HomeKit-enabled devices allow you to control your levels from your smartphone, avoiding the hard work of figuring out how the not always friendly heating controls work.

This type of automation is also applied to lighting and, increasingly, to smart machines used in factories.


Document in the Notes app on iPhone
Copying documents to iPhone is practical and environmentally friendly

At one time being around the copier was a mandatory stop in most offices. Currently, it is possible to use the different functions of iPhone; simply open the Notes app, tap on the Camera icon and scan whatever you need to archive, print or share.


ICloud Keychain
Managing documents in one place is easy every time

The carrier of the most important paperwork has if definitively replaced by digital services such as iCloud, which are easy to share with others and allow remote teams to collaborate on document creation in real time or asynchronously.

Cash registers?

Step by step, cash registers and point of sale systems have been rapidly being supplemented with contactless payment terminals. In several countries, many people no longer make any purchases in cash, but instead rely on payment systems with the Apple Pay on the iPhone.

The meeting room

Eye Contact feature in Face Time
2020 taught us that everything can be solved through a video call

If the pandemic has left us something, it is the habit of taking advantage of video collaboration tools. Thus, the Facetime It’s Apple’s default iPhone option that allows work teams to update and solve different situations without going to the office.

Ethernet port

As long as the iPhone has a connection and enough data available in its contract, it is possible to connect from anywhere using the iPhone as an access point going to Settings> Personal Hotspot.

The introduction of 5G support on the iPhone 12 means that if you are in an area that supports 5G, you may sometimes experience faster internet access via your smartphone than in a busy office.

What device or tool would you add to the list?

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