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The Juventus de Pirlo reacted in time to correct a bad game and take all three points against a brave Sassuolo That put him in a lot of trouble despite playing the whole second half with one less man. Ramsey, eight minutes to go, scored 2-1 to take a victory marred by injuries to McKennie and of Dybala, who had to retire before the break.

The duel in Turin started at full speed, with Juventus and Sassuolo verticalizing at the slightest opportunity to generate scoring chances. Only the success of the defenses, which little by little made their way into the game, and the poor aim of the forwards prevented goals from being seen in the opening bars.

The hyperactive McKennie He appeared from the second line while Cristiano, with freedom of movement, swept the entire front line. The Portuguese had it with a header that went high (8 ‘) and shortly after Fabrotta could not get a good assist from heel of McKennie (10 ‘). The American had to withdraw due to discomfort in the middle of the first half and the mishap left Juve cold, who did not put the batteries until the final section of the first half.

Down from McKennie also joined Dybala, who requested the change due to knee problems at the edge of the break. He Sassuolo, who was comfortable, stayed with one less man for the expulsion of Obiang. The midfielder of Sassuolo hunted Chiesa on the ankle and the referee changed the initial yellow for a direct red after reviewing an action that leaves no doubt.

Juventus tried the final arreón before halftime but Christian and Kulusevski, with the porter sold, they forgave the inflatable.

The team of Pirlo he wasted no time and went for the goal from the start of the second half. His insistence was rewarded thanks to Danilo, that a distant, powerful and tight shot was taken out of the hat impossible to Consigli. Great goal (fifty’).

The Juve he relaxed thinking that the most difficult thing had already been done and he paid dearly. He Sassuolo moved the ball at will around the field until Traoré, between the lines, leaked a great pass so that Defrel beat Szczesny (58 ‘). Another great goal.

He both gave wings to Sassuolo and tore the Juve, delivered to the rush to try to score chances. The visiting team never gave up their game and took possession of leather at times to delve into Juventine despair. When the home team seemed more stuck, a boarding school Frabotta served for Ramsey hollow to empty door taking advantage of the fatigue behind the Sassuolo (82 ‘).

Cristiano Ronaldo, obfuscated throughout the game, made up his mediocre performance with the goal that closed the scoring in injury time. The three points alleviate the qualifying urgencies of a Juve that returned to offer a bad image.

3- Juventus: Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, Demiral, Frabotta; Chiesa (Bernardeschi, 87 ‘), Arthur, McKennie (Ramsey, 19’) (Morata, 86 ‘), Bentancur (Rabiot, 46’); Dybala (Kulusevski, 43 ‘) and Cristiano Ronaldo

1- Sassuolo: Consigli; Muldur (Oddei, 73 ‘), Chiriches (Ayhan, 87’), Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos; Obiang, Locatelli; Defrel (Boga, 67 ‘), Djuricic (López, 46’), Traoré; Caputo (Toljan, 46 ‘)

Goals: 1-0, Danilo (50 ‘); 1-1, Defrel (58 ‘); 2-1, Ramsey (82 ‘); 3-1, Cristiano Ronaldo (92 ‘)

Red: Obiang (47 ‘). Yellows: Bonucci (13 ‘), Ferrari (17’), Frabotta (71 ‘), Kulusevski (79’)

Referee: Davide Massa

Stadium: Behind closed doors at Allianz Stadium

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