The Government of the Generalitat continues to pay tribute to the management of the Pedro Sánchez Executive in the coronavirus crisis. Junts per Catalunya (JxCat) dominates the message from the pulpit given by the presidency of Quim Torra, who has put pressure on the PSOE-Podemos coalition to decree a tightening of confinement that has finally occurred. The spearhead of his new pulse to the central government is take advantage of every wrong step and the growth of the infected curve to build the story that only self-administration of resources and quarantine can stop the epidemic. His ultimatum is that the Covid-19 will not send until June if Catalonia is not left to himself.

The junteros have seen a window of opportunity to give a new challenge to the independence theses while their ERC partners feel increasingly uncomfortable with the tortilla spin strategy to each decision that is made from Moncloa, at the same time that they try to get rid of the label of ‘servilistas’ that has placed the most radical separatism on them. In this balancing game, they have finally given in and joined the demands of subjecting Spain to a “total closure”, dragged down by the forcefulness of the neo-convergents.

Last week, the Republicans presented an amendment, along with other regional parties, to the extension of the quarantine until April 11, in order that in the next 15 days, only the services considered essential be maintained. Congress rejected this point, but on Saturday the most restrictive route was imposed. On the other hand, Torra replied to the optimism of the Government about the peak of the infected that, according to the director of the Coordination Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Simón, is very close, with a devastating report in which he talks about 13,000 deaths in Catalonia alone and more than 120,000 affected. According to this document, endorsed by experts, the contagion curve will not hit a ceiling until the end of April, which will prolong the crisis until late summer.

Supported by these data, the Catalan leader recalled, in a telematic appearance in the Parliament, that he demanded the total confinement of Catalonia more than a week ago but that could not be specified because with the state of alarm Sánchez concentrates the powers of the Generalitat . The president stressed that the region is a source of contagion and that, therefore, has to be confined even more restrictively (close ports and airports, in addition to stopping non-essential work activity), as well as the Community of Madrid and some other autonomous regions. In addition, he emphasized that he is not alone in these claims: the presidents of Murcia and Andalusia support him. The Government has ended up giving in.

The second event that has served JxCat to attack Sánchez has been the purchase of defective rapid tests, 9,000 according to the Ministry of Health led by Salvador Illa, 50,000 according to Ser. Thus, the Government described as “failure” the centralized purchase of medical equipment by the State, and has claimed to recover the possibility of doing it from Catalonia.

“It is evidence that the centralized purchase dictated by the State, when they declared the state of alarm, has not worked and will not work,” said the spokeswoman for the Govern Meritxell Budó. After assuring that the Generalitat provides 90% of the sanitary material and the State 10%, he asked the Government that from the communities they can directly acquire the material “through the channels and circuits that they have long established”.

“No one knows the immediate and urgent needs better than the territories, and the autonomous governments have own circuits to approve the material and its suppliers“And he put the icing on the cake with the announcement of the arrival of a first batch of 50,000 tests for rapid detection of the coronavirus thanks to its own management.

The speech of “Madrid does everything wrong and Catalonia everything well”As described by the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, is not shared by all sectors of independence, according to knowledgeable sources. Among Republicans, it has fitted very badly, and some sectors of the PDeCAT would not feel comfortable with the strategy promoted exclusively by Belgium, by Carles Puigdemont, the same sources explain.


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