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Nowadays, there is more and more talk about the digital agility of companies. This basically refers to the ability of companies to quickly adapt to market needs. This does not just mean designing and modifying products and services to fit changing consumer habits and market trends. It also implies modifying the productive capacity of the brands directly following the level of demand.

Unfortunately, for many companies this last requirement has proven difficult to address. Rapidly expanding the productive capacity of companies usually requires a significant investment, for the purchase of equipment or the upgrade of technologies. Likewise, it can be complex for businesses to liquidate their technological devices when they must make a realignment of their model, but they plan to grow later. How to deal with this challenge?

Leasing: The key to business agility

There are companies that have specialized in providing devices and equipment as a service. Its business model works in a similar way to companies that provide their technology solutions on demand, in the style of Amazon, Google or Microsoft. When client companies need more computers, they can rent it and use it indefinitely. If their needs change, they can quickly increase, decrease or change their equipment.

For example, if some companies want to fully enter ecommerce with a small operation, they can only rent some computers and equipment. As the number of users grows, and therefore the demand for computing power, they can rent more hardware. And if at any point they want to suspend the project online, there are ways to suspend the contract ahead of time. Their businesses thus become much more agile.

Sure, there are several types of businesses that are in the leasing environment. But there are companies that stand out from their rivals, such as MAC Computers. This company not only meets the minimum requirements to help its clients streamline their business models. It also has a broad portfolio of security, infrastructure and management services in the cloud that would allow any brand to become the leaders in its field.

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