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The BioButton, from BioIntelliSense, is used to detect possible symptoms of the coronavirus just by being connected to the patient’s chest. It was presented at CES 2021.

The BioButton, by BioIntelliSense, is a coin-sized device that can monitor possible coronavirus symptoms. It was unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show 2021, in Las Vegas.

Specifically, the small device detects, through certain measurements, if a patient may have the virus.

How does it work? It binds to the skin and measures its temperature, along with breathing and heart rates. It also monitors the level of activity and quality of sleep.

The information goes to an application that determines if a person is at risk of developing the coronavirus.

The BioButton has a 90-day battery. The application is found on both iOS and Android.

The BioButton, awarded at CES 2021 as the Best in Innovation

Held virtually this year due to the pandemic, CES 2021 awarded the BioButton as Best in Innovation. « We are extremely honored to receive the award, » said James Mault, CEO of BioIntelliSense.

« The commercial launch of the BioButton, along with the deployment of the vaccine, comes in time for the challenge of returning to activities, » he stressed.

According to Mault, the BioButton will not only serve to detect possible symptoms of the coronavirus. It will also help orthopedic, cancer and heart patients.

The balance of the coronavirus in the world

Until this Tuesday, 1.95 million people have died worldwide due to the coronavirus. The total number of cases amounts to 91 million, with 50.4 million patients recovered.

The United States is the country with the highest number of deaths due to the disease: 376 thousand people have died.

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