A copied key, an alarm that didn’t go off and a buddy left behind

The Moñiz Alcaide brothers, experts in butrones and moon landings, starred this Saturday in a film leak from the Madrid prison of Valdemoro, in which not a single element of the best action films was missing. A copied key, serrated bars on a window, an alarm that did not sound, a rope to hang down, and even a buddy left behind on the run were the main elements of his unexpected escape.

Image of the exterior of the Valdemoro prison.

All these elements indicate that Jonathan Moñiz, alias ‘El Piojo’, and his brother Miguel Ángel had his escape plan very prepared to circumvent all security systems, to the point that the alarms did not go off even when they managed to reach the perimeter zone.

Is very unusual leakage in Spanish prisons and, although the last one occurred last year in Melilla prison, none had been registered since 2015.

The luggage room, origin of the escape

Sources close to the investigation have explained that the Moñiz brothers, along with a third inmate who participated in the escape with them and was unable to complete it, They made a key to the so-called suitcase room, although it has not been possible to determine how they did it. This room is a kind of warehouse where the prisoners’ belongings that they cannot keep in the cell are kept.

The main hypothesis is that some of them one day he requested to access that room to pick up some garment and took the opportunity to get hold of the shape of the key, although it is still unknown how he could do it.

That room is usually closed and is opened on very few occasions, so that, with the copy of the key in their possession, the three pesos had the opportunity to enter the room on different occasions and go little by little sawing the bars from the warehouse window.

The alarm did not ring

When the date set for the escape arrived, December 5, the three inmates entered the room and, probably after locking it, removed the bars that had been cut. Then, jumped (maybe with a rope) to a roof that leads to an area of ​​isolation cells, where there were no prisoners, information that they probably also knew.

From there, they crossed the perimeter fence that surrounds the prison, before the wall that overlooks the street, without anyone noticing their presence. Although this wide corridor is controlled by the Civil Guard, the prisoners managed with great skill – and probably by crawling – that the alarm did not detect them either and did not sound. It is an acoustic signal that can also be heard from the surveillance monitors.

Archive image of the Valdemoro prison.

Once the perimeter fence was overcome, the inmates had to jump over the seven-meter-high wall that overlooks the street and is crowned by a concertina. The wire was not broken, so the fugitives predictably had to use some form of cushioning to escape unscathed.

The third inmate was left behind

Although the Moñiz brothers successfully achieved their goal of fleeing, the third prisoner was not so lucky. His silhouette was spotted on the perimeter by the prison official who was in the tower and he notified the Civil Guard, who managed to intercept him.

Last Sunday morning, inspectors from Penitentiary Institutions went to the Valdemoro prison to investigate and try clarify what happened, for which they plan to view the videos of the cameras and interrogate inmates and workers.

Who are Jonathan and Miguel Ángel Moñiz?

The two Moñiz Alcaide brothers, on whom no blood crime weighs, are experts in moon landings in Madrid and in 2012 the Civil Guard attributed more than 50 crimes of this type to them. Jonathan, alias ‘El Piojo’ and 25 years old then, was leading his own band, but he also worked for others, as he was a sought-after expert in moon landings and theft.

His organization was allegedly the author of the robbery perpetrated at the beginning of February 2012 in a car dealership in the Fuencarral district of Madrid, from which they were abducted 19 high-end vehicles, as well as several moon landings on the so-called Golden Mile, including a Loewe store.

‘The lice’ He started driving and even committing a crime when he was seven years old And when he was arrested in 2012, he had eight search warrants in force (six police and two judicial).

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