A deserved end for Trump

The imminent end of the presidency of Trump It has given rise to a strange mix of emotions: elation, relief, anger and worry.

The first two reactions for a small majority in America come from completing the existential task of removing a toxic presence from power and reminding the world that Trump’s victory four years ago, as terrible and tragic as it turned out, was a chance and not the reflection of a declining hegemony. A victory for Joe Biden would show that for all the problems with the system that allowed Donald Trump to become president, this was not a representative photograph of the United States.

However, that just goes to say that it should never have happened. It should never have been there. And undo the hurt That he has done, on behalf of a minority in the country, will be an enormous and long-term task that includes defusing the pretense of a violent confrontation between Americans.

That’s where anger and worry come from. The scale of the task ahead of the Americans will require them to channel the go to and concern for long-term ends once the celebration and contemplation phases have passed.

The anger Democrats feel stems from injustice, rather than desire for retribution. Anger is for four years they lost, because those years were stolen. The fault is not really anyone in particular. Not even Trump he is to blame for having emerged in a system that allowed his ascent.

They cannot make up for lost time. But they can repair, as best as possible, what has been damaged; reverse, what has not been irretrievably altered; expose, to the best of their ability, what was undertaken on their behalf, without their consent, and seek blind Justice for it.

The elections revolved thematically around Trump’s disastrous response to COVID-19, and once it’s gone, the country will finally be able to collectively mourn forbidden to them, mitigate the impact of the pandemic, and learn the full extent of the dishonesty and corruption that cost hundreds of thousands their lives. Americans.

But the key to understanding Tuesday’s results, the fundamental fact that the Republican elite will try to erase from memory, is that Biden it was never behind in the polls. It wasn’t before the coronavirus existed, and it wasn’t during the few months that most of the West assumed it was a problem East Asia had to grapple with.

Flawed as the polls were, they constantly anticipated a sizable Biden win, and ultimately that’s what they got. A majority deeply yearned for change.

Trump was always behind because he is cruel, incompetent and corrupt. In reality, he has never been favored by a majority or plurality in either of the two elections he has contested. He had low approval ratings before the coronavirus, for years in which the economy he inherited remained strong, for what he and his party represent.

Because each time they have more authoritarian and repressive expressions. Because they happily embrace selective ethics and assert that the rules only apply to others; because they tried to take care of millions of people and funnel that money into the pockets of Trump and the bank accounts of Americans rich

Because they separated children from their parents and locked them in cages; because he cheated in his reelection campaign and his allies in Congress helped him cover up the evidence of the crime; because Trump ran the country like the tribal leader of the red states, his followers in permanent war, in their minds, with the citizens of the blue states and the republicans enjoyed the abuse and impudence.

They did all this without a popular mandate to rule, so they went to great lengths to ensure that future majorities could correct as little as possible. Over the years, they have filled courts with conservative judges, circumvented subpoenas, disempowered incoming Democratic governors so they had no room for maneuver, sabotaged the census, and will wake up every day from now until now. biden takeover to make the biggest hurt possible while they can.

Undoing it all would require enormous effort under the best of circumstances, but the inequality of choice may put it beyond your reach to do something about it, at least for the foreseeable future. As of this writing, Republicans are ready to enter the new Congress with a slightly diminished Senate majority. They could still lose it before the 2020 elections are fully tabulated. But, for the moment, Democrats they have to plan a divided government, with Mitch McConnell at the helm of the Senate and his hundreds of illegitimate justices supporting him.

In those circumstances, McConnell it will prevent the Senate from voting on any progressive legislation. The courts will remain full of right-wing operatives, and McConnell could unilaterally block Biden from filing Merrick Garland-style judicial vacancies as they emerge.

After two years of hearing that a single chamber in a divided government cannot effectively control a president, McConnell may well cripple the Biden administration with a malicious oversight. Biden might even have a hard time naming a cabinet, and then we will learn that, after all, in their eternal hypocrisy the Republicans do not agree to fill the government with political officials when Trump was allowed to fill strategic positions with close friends and family.

This is the source of concern: that the electoral victory will be limited to purging the government of the Trump element, while American democracy continues to decline.

Even without the Senate, Democrats can do extraordinary things. The lesson of Trump’s time in office is that the president is clothed with immense power, even when he doesn’t fully understand it or respect its limits. The Biden administration can audit the entire federal government to better understand how Trump and his operators abused their power and forward evidence of crimes to the Justice Department.

The House may make use of the powers of inspection which he largely neglected in recent years, to understand how Trump so easily corrupted the government and to promote legislation designed to modernize it.

With a Democrat in the White House, Republicans might even support something like that. In an instant, Biden can reverse Trump’s family separation policy and then start reuniting kidnapped children with their parents. You can quickly correct some of Trump’s worst abuses with the immigration system, rejoin the Paris Agreement, approach Latin America without blatant interventionism, and then think creatively about how to govern around Republican nihilism.

No matter how many judges loyal to Trump now serve on the bench, there is only one official in the system of government who represents all the people, and Biden just won one. historical majority of your votes.

When Biden declares victory, he is likely to call for the national conciliation; but can also promise to rule under a moderate progressive Agenda under pressure / support from Bernie sanders, Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and other proponents of the Green New DealWhether the forces of reaction like it or not.

It can indicate that you won’t stick to the rules or helpless as long as the Republicans in the Senate and the courts override the public will. He and the rest of the world can figure out what that means in practice in the days and weeks to come, but without a mindset of fightHe will own the failures that the Republicans impose on him.

The United States has not yet escaped its internal friction with the fascism, the North American country is experiencing a polarization never seen before. The social bases that support Trump are increasingly reactionary, visceral and tribal.

It will not be an easy task to deprogram so much hate Y racism. But what will become clear when the jubilation and relief wear off is that overcoming it will require constant vigilance and a rapprochement from the Republican and Democratic parties to the working classes to understand why they are angry. no tiene por qué compartir la totalidad del contenido de los artículos que se publican en alguna de sus secciones de opinión.

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