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PlayStation 5 debuted last November and did so with the support of exclusive games for the console and also received improved versions of old PlayStation 4 titles in order to take advantage of the features of the new system. So far it is not known if there will be more PlayStation 4 games that will have a version of PlayStation 5, but apparently Square Enix is ​​preparing an improved edition of the best games of the generation.

We are talking about Final Fantasy VII Remake, which debuted on PlayStation 4 just less than 1 year ago. It is possible to play this title on PlayStation 5 through backward compatibility, but Square Enix has not announced an edition focused on the next generation system.

Well, this appears to be about to change, according to information from the Navtra insider. This user mentioned on the ResetEra forums that Square Enix ads are “piling up.”

The insider revealed that, as expected, next month we will hear about the new Final Fantasy XIV expansion sets. However, the interesting thing is that Navta also revealed that Square Enix has a couple of surprises in store. Perhaps the most exciting is the announcement of a version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5.

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Square Enix would be preparing a new Life is Strange

But that’s not all, as the informant hopes that along with the Final Fantasy revelation the existence of a new Life is Strange will be revealed. According to Navtra, this new iteration will not be called “Life is Strange 3”, but “3” would be eliminated and instead would have a subtitle, apart from the fact that he anticipated that he thinks it will be more interesting than Life is Strange 2.

What little information Navtra revealed is that the announcement of these 2 Square Enix games would take place “shortly after” the February announcements of Final Fantasy XIV. This transmission is scheduled for February 5, so we should not wait long to hear about these possible announcements, in case this information is accurate. However, Navtra says that due to current circumstances it is not possible to know the exact date with certainty, but suggests that the announcement could be made in February.

Something interesting to note is that Dontnod, the studio in charge of Life is Strange, showed his intentions to distance himself from this franchise to give rise to new ideas, without that meaning that he would stop working on the series.

You may wonder why you should believe the Navtra information. Well, we inform you of this unofficial information because the user has proven its veracity on previous occasions. His most prominent leak was the one about the PlayStation announcements at the event focused on PlayStation 5, as he revealed in advance almost all the games that would be present and was the person who revealed that Square Enix would present Final Fantasy XVI as a temporary exclusive to PlayStation 5, something that was fulfilled. However, we invite you to take these details with reserve, as they are unofficial information.

And you, are you waiting for a version of Final Fantasy VII Remake for PlayStation 5? Tell us in the comments.

Although the announcement of the supposed next-generation version of Final Fantasy would come to PlayStation 5 as an exclusive, there is reason for fans of the franchise on Xbox to be excited, as it was recently announced that more games in the series are on the way to Xbox Game Pass.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can find more about it by visiting its file or by consulting our written review.

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