A fourth monolith discovered in the Netherlands – .

Sunday morning, December 6, a monolith was seen in the Netherlands. This is the fourth such discovery in a few weeks.

Covered in ice

After Utah, Romania and California, a fourth monolith was discovered in Netherlands, last weekend. For this time, walkers have found it in a nature reserve in the country, reports RTL, on the story of the Dutch daily Algemeen Dagblad.
The monolith was covered with ice and surrounded by a small pool of water“, specified the English-speaking site Insider. A photo circulating on social networks shows that the object is covered in ice. Curious thing, “no footprint“was not observable nearby, notes the channel.

Unexplained phenomena

The first monolith appeared in the Utah desert (western United States). Chain RTL relates that his disappearance was clarified by images showing five men working at night to dismantle him.
A few days later, the same phenomenon, still unexplained, occurred in Romania, in the region of Neamt (northeast of the country). The monolith appeared before disappearing in turn. Then, the third was discovered in California (United States), halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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