A handful of votes will decide who presides over the US

The thing Democrats feared most has happened. The elections will be decided, 48 hours before the US elections, by a handful of votes. The seats -253- gradually approach Biden to the Presidency, While Trump receives the blow of Justice.

The protests – by Republicans promoted by Trump – worry the US and Europe.

Nevada, Pennsylvania and Arizona, in addition to Georgia, will be decisive. Meanwhile, Trump denounces electoral fraud as he already announced in the campaign if he was not the clear winner of the elections.

“Democracy is sometimes a bit cumbersome and requires patience“Biden said last night in a brief statement from Wilmington (Delaware), but that – he defended – is what has made the American democratic system” the envy of the world “for 240 years.” He said yesterday on twitter:

At this time, although nothing is certain, Democrats take victory for granted. Trump, meanwhile, insists that his rival wants to steal the election through vote by mail. Republican protests are already very powerful in the south, where the current president has swept.

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