A man arrested for threatening to kill his wife a few hours after receiving a restraining order

Agents of the Local Police of Seville, attached to the Department of the Interior and Major Festivities, have arrested a 43-year-old man as the alleged author of the death threat to his wife hours after being released with a restraining order issued by a Gender Violence Court for the same reasons.

The events took place after 11 p.m. on Monday when a patrol was sent from the 092 control center to the eastern part of the capital where, allegedly, a man had threatened to kill his partner, informs the City Council in a statement.

The condemned man, with his back turned, during the trial that was held on November 12 at the Girona Court.

The agents contacted a 43-year-old woman who appeared “very upset and accompanied by her two minor daughters.” In her statement, she confirmed that the day before she had reported her husband to the National Police and that he had been detained. He explained that the Violence Court notified both parties a restraining order of more than 300 meters after which he was released.

Moments later, when the victim was walking down the street with a witness from the trial, the male “he ran towards her, insulting her and threatening her with death in the presence of this witness and his two youngest daughters, “so he ran out and took refuge between two vehicles, from where he managed to call the Local Police.

Faced with this statement, the agents went to the address where they found the alleged perpetrator on the website. In his statement, the male stated that had gone despite the restraining order to get the dog out, for which they proceeded to his arrest and transfer to police stations where he was brought to justice. The woman refused medical assistance on the grounds that she wanted to stay at the home in charge of the minors, for which she was informed by the protocol for victims of gender violence.

The delegate of the Interior and Major Festivities of the Seville City Council, Juan Carlos Cabrera, thanked the agents for their work and asked the victims “Let them denounce, that we do not take a step back from any attitude because women are not alone in the face of their aggressors, and that they have the backing of all the resources destined for their defense and support, “as is the case with the 016 victim service phone, which leaves no trace on the telephone bill or municipal centers for comprehensive care for women.

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