a mix of HomePod, Apple Watch and iPad

After many months of leaks, Apple yesterday unveiled the final design of its headband AirPods. The so-called, against all odds, AirPods Max, they have design elements that are very familiar to us.

airpods max sky blue
AirPods Max in Sky Blue

If we look closely at the new AirPods Max, we can see design strategies very similar to those we have in other devices like the HomePod or the Apple Watch. Let’s take a closer look at this design to see what we find.

What do AirPods Max look like?

AirPods Max are a brand new device on which Apple has worked from scratch. Contrary to what happened 4 years ago with the original AirPods, whose design was based on that of the EarPods, The AirPods Max are Apple’s first over-ear headphones.

airpods max
The new AirPods Max

Many might think that these headphones they could look like the Beats brand, owned by Apple, but has not been. It’s about a completely original design, but that borrows some ideas from other Apple devices.

Analyzing the different images that Apple has shown, we can deduce that the AirPods Max look like these Apple devices:

  • HomePod. The AirPods Max use a lot of fabric in their design, both in the pads that cover the ears and in the upper area that fits on our head. This fabric reminds us a lot of the one that covers the HomePod, both the normal and mini models.
airpods max homepod
AirPods Max and HomePod
  • Apple watch. Who was going to tell us that AirPods could be added to an Apple Watch, but the fact is that it is. The AirPods Max borrow from the Apple Watch the control elements: the Digital Crown and the Side Button. These two buttons have similar uses on the Apple Watch and AirPods Max, such as volume control or summoning Siri.
airpods max apple watch
Same buttons as Apple Watch
  • iPad Air. Another similarity that we did not expect. Beyond the fact that both use aluminum as the main material, it is interesting that both devices are available in the same 5 colors: Space Gray, Silver, Pink, Green and Sky Blue. It cannot be a coincidence and perhaps it is the range of colors that Apple wants in its devices from now on.
AirPods Max and iPad Air
Same colors, coincidence?

These are the similarities we have found in the new AirPods Max. Of course, in the way they work, they are very similar to the rest of Apple headphones, but aesthetically they are quite unique.

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