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A motorcyclist will always choose the bike that best suits their needs, whether they need to commute to work or just want to go exploring on the road. That is why we know about motorcycles, presents us with five options that are very comfortable, both for you and for your companion.

Cruiser motorcycles have the design of those created in the USA around the Second World War such as the Harley-Davidson, Indian and Excelsior-Henderson. Cruiser engines are tuned for low torque. They also provide a position to roll comfortably and calmly, and their long gears avoid having to change the acceleration so frequently, something that the engine will thank you for on those long journeys.

The word Chopper comes from the English « trim » and is because one of its modifications is the shortened chassis. They saw the light in the late 60s and are characterized by a long fork, low seat in addition to its iconic chrome details. This motorcycle is considered the « artisan » version of the Cruiser although they can also be based on a production one. And just like a Cruiser, they give you a comfortable stance for riding long roads.

Their name is due to the fact that they are machines with a sporty appearance and performance, but without the fairing, leaving their mechanical parts exposed, such as the engine. It was born at the end of the 80s adopting a separate headlight, as well as a higher handlebar. They are commonly more comfortable to ride compared to purely sports bikes, and were originally made for road travel.

These bikes were specifically designed for long trips. It has medium and large displacement engines, an upright driving position, a windshield, a large fuel tank, and side cases.

Some have assistive technology for the comfort of a journey, such as GPS, radio and a comfortable space for the second passenger. These motorcycles have large fairings, designed to provide the maximum possible protection to the occupants, since, as we mentioned before, they are designed for the transport of a driver and a passenger.

This category is designed as its name says, for adventure, so they allow a comfortable position, with wide seats and long suspensions, which together with its mixed tires, you can move on asphalt or dirt, so that you live the adventure in the path that you want. They also come with travel trunks, so you can take with you everything you need to make a great story out of your way.

These are some recommendations for doing great tours, but in reality you can do it with any motorcycle as long as you do it with the right team, trained for the journey.

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