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We have had to wait almost two years to see the new of ‘La Cante’, one of the revelation series of Spanish Television. This time, the plot is located in a different location: Tramuntana, a town in the Majorcan mountains that hides much more than what may appear at first glance. An anonymous person murders Bernat Cervera, one of the most beloved men of the place. At the head of this second season is Agustín Martínez (author of the novel « Monteperdido »), leading the script team formed by Miguel Sáez Carral, Jorge Díaz and Antonio Mercero.

Sara Campos (Megan Montaner) with a group of young people

From the first minutes of the chapter, that premieres on Wednesday, January 13 In La 1, the viewer discovers in the first person what happens and, most importantly, how this homicide is carried out at the hands of someone who hides their identity, but evokes fear, suspicion and anxiety. Who could take the life of that man praised by all the people and, moreover, in front of three young people who could be traumatized? This scene crosses the screen and allows the viewer to feel the unease and uncertainty that surrounds the events.

As expected, Sergeant Sara Campos will take command of the investigation in what is one of the great successes of season 2. In fact, the character of Megan Montaner maintains that skepticism so necessary for a police officer who is dedicated to investigating these types of events. Of course, with the passing of the minutes, not only can it be perceived that this event needs it to be solved, but that Campos needs the case to follow the path of his life.

Félix Gómez in ‘The hunt. Tramuntana ‘

However, you will not be alone. When everything seemed to indicate that this homicide and she herself would dance to the same beat, two very necessary figures appear. The first is the cape Víctor Gamero (Alain Hernández), who will collaborate as an agent of the UCO of the Civil Guard in the resolution of this case. What happens is that the appearance of this character allows resurfaces everything that was born in Monteperdido, something that becomes palpable with Montaner’s brilliant interpretation. This subplot will achieve that Let’s get to know the shady past of Sara Campos that haunts the agent for a long time.

The next figure in this puzzle is Sergeant Selva (Félix Gómez), a boastful man, careless and, on many occasions, arrogant. Definitely, will arouse suspicion in the viewer for its forms, but that, deep down, he has feelings that will provoke empathy in many other people, standing as a breath of fresh air among the team in charge of putting an end to this case.

Renewed or die

Although it may seem that this second season does not contribute much to the audiovisual scene, the renewal of the series directed by David Ulloa and Rafael Montesinos is a very important joy. Televisión Española has relied on a product that maintained good performance during its first season, giving this new batch of greater dynamism and enriching it with a casting full of well-known and very solvent faces like Llum Barrera or Tristán Ulloa. In addition, this production will feature unknown names that bring with them a very renewed air like Nadia Al Saaidi or Zoe Stein, a very successful strategy as we could see with ‘HIT’.

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