A new Apple TV or AirPods Studio could arrive today

Today is one of those days. Following rumors of a possible “Christmas surprise” and the leak of a memo indicating changes to AppleCare +, It seems that we will have news from Apple in the next few hours. Of course, as for what we could see, it seems that we will not know until the arrival of the press release.

Apple TV Remote
Siri Remote pointing at Apple TV.

If the rest of the year has been quite busy in terms of leaks, with a fairly marked calendar despite the changes, little is known about what Apple will reveal today. In principle, everything is debated between three products: AirTags, Apple TV and AirPods Studio. In the event that there is finally a release, of course.

However, some have already risked trying to predict what will happen in the next few hours. On the one hand, we have @LeaksApplePro a leaker of dubious history that claims it will be a new Apple TV with A12Z chip what we will see today. Statement that has caused the rejection of the main leakers in the community as @ L0vetodream or Jon prosser.

For another, Mark Gurman He has “subtly” recalled that Apple has been working on supra-aural headphones for some time now, known as “AirPods Studio”. In addition, he has also commented on Twitter that Apple TV has been delayed to 2021, something in which he agrees with Jon Prosser and @ L0vetodream.

As for AirTags, it is only known that there are references to them in the latest versions of iOS, but there has been no more news about them. Thus, Apple could manage to maintain the surprise factor that has been so lacking on other occasions in recent years.

If we follow what has happened in recent years, the company usually takes advantage of its presentations for great products or completely new products. In the case of AirPods, for example, they were only present in a keynote, leaving the rest of the reviews for press releases, so it would not be strange to see an advertisement for the AirPods Studio.

Fortunately, nothing is that simple with those of Cupertino, and in the next few hours we could meet anything. From new headphones, to a review of a Mac, to a launch in style of Fitness +. Thus, let’s not raise our expectations too much, because without programmed keynote, anything can happen, or simply nothing.

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