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The success of Switch and the quality of its exclusive games is such that they even served to revive Mario Party, a franchise that had great moments in the days of the Nintendo 64 and GameCube, but then lost its way with mediocre and unattractive deliveries. Super Mario Party, a Switch game, sold 12 million copies, a success if you take into account the genre and the niche it is targeting and it seems that this was enough to ensure a next installment that would already be in development.

Switch is the console of the moment and its Lite model is for sale in Amazon Mexico:

Is a new Mario Party coming to Switch?

A few days ago, the Twitter account Nintendo Memories shared material belonging to the recruitment campaign initiated by NDcube, which accounts for a new project in development. Who is NDcube? It is a subsidiary of Nintendo whose first work was F-Zero: Maximum Velocity for the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and was also responsible for the Wii Party series and from Mario Party 9 took over this franchise. In case you don’t know, the first installments of Mario Party were made in collaboration with Hudson Soft, so many workers from that company migrated to NDcube.

Well, NDcube is also responsible for Super Mario Party, a Switch game that returned the franchise to the path of success and that today could be developing a new installment. Although there is nothing official yet, it is thought that it will be a new Mario Party, as the company has specialized in the franchise over the years and the good sales of the Switch title would justify a new launch.

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