A new metallic monolith of unknown origin appears in the Netherlands

Some hikers found this Sunday a monolith metal in a nature reserve in the province of Friesland, north of the Netherlands, similar to those discovered in recent weeks in the United States and Romania and whose origin is still unknown.

In this case, it is not known who installed the metal column or how long it has been in that place and no footprints have been found near the pillar, as reported regional television Omrop Fryslany includes the Dutch public channel NOS.

Image of the metallic monolith discovered in the Utah desert.

Contrary to monoliths located in other parts of the world, the material from which the one found in Netherlands It’s not shiny but matte, and local media speculate that it’s a publicity stunt for the New Year.

Discovery comes after they have met three other similar monoliths, which have been compared with the one that appears in the film “2001: A Space Odyssey” by Stanley Kubrick, shot in 1968 and that revolves precisely around the appearance of a black monolith of extraterrestrial origin.

The first of these metallic monoliths was found in mid-November by a helicopter in a remote, desert area of ​​Utah and it was removed at the end of the same week, according to local media, by a group of environmental activists since hundreds of people circulated those days through the desert to see the structure.

A second monolith with a triangular base was found in late November on the hill of BatcaDoamnei, located in the Romanian city of PiatraNeamt, in the northeast of the country, and it was also withdrawn, although it is unknown who did it.

The most recent was found last week on a mountain route off the central coast of California and disappeared a day later.

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