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If you are a fan of manga or anime, surely you know Shin-chan, a franchise that was born as a manga and later adapted to various forms of entertainment. In America many even knew about this series thanks to the transmission at the beginning of the millennium of the anime of the same name. Well, if you are a fan of this franchise, then we have good news for you, since a new game in the series is in development and could reach the West.

The last Nintendo Direct was full of surprises, but, as in previous occasions, Nintendo presented more, only that it only transmitted them in the video for Japan. One game that was announced in said broadcast was Crayon Shin-chan: Ora to Hakase no Natsuyasumi (Crayon Shin-chan: My Summer Vacation With The Professor), whose release is unfortunately only confirmed for Japan.

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As you can see in the reveal trailer that you will find below, the title presents very pleasant scenarios with warm sunsets in which Shinnosuke Nohara, called Shin-chan, can do various activities, such as talking with his family and friends, catching insects and explore a rural Japanese region.

The art direction suits the game very well, as it captures the essence of anime by presenting static scenes most of the time with a fixed camera, while the characters move.

Shin-chan’s new game could come to the West

Something very interesting is that the creation of the script, the concept and the composition of this game was done by Kaz Ayabe, a creative who worked on Boku no Natsuyasumi, a series of games that debuted only in Japan at the beginning of the millennium for PlayStation and whose charm lies in the faithful representation of the image of rural Japan in summer and which, curiously, also features a child who carries out various activities, as reported by Kotaku.

Although the title has only been confirmed for Japan, the hope that it reaches the West is not lost, since when asked about a possible location, Ayabe, mentioned that he will do everything possible to launch the European and American version, something that fans received it very positively.

We remind you that Shin-chan’s latest game, CRAYON SHINCHAN The Storm Called FLAMING KASUKABE RUNNER !!, first debuted in Japan, but then was released in America as well. So the same could happen with Shin-chan’s new adventure.

As the name implies, this new Shin-chan game will debut in summer exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and so far its launch is only confirmed for Japan.

If the game caught your attention, we invite you to see the extended trailer below that Famitsu shared.

Did you like Shin-chan’s new game? Would you like it to come to the West? Tell us in the comments.

In news related to Shin-chan, we inform you that recently the figure manufacturing company Good Smile Company announced some figma collectibles of Shin-chan and his little sister, Himawari, in pajamas.

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