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Kasen donerlson, a one year old baby, has survived the coronavirus and a liver transplant in two months in state United. The boy born in the past month of January 2020.

Doctors diagnosed him atresia bile, since the child was not gaining weight. This disease affects the liver, when bile conductors are not working properly.

Months later it was indicated that he needed a new liver to survive. While waiting for the transplant, in November of last year 2020, Kasen Donerlson got coronavirus.

This new setback forced the little one to wait for the liver transplant. The child had a very high fever due to the coronavirus infection. However, stopped having fever and managed to overcome the virus.

Days later, on January 2, Kasen Donerlson’s family found a perfect donor for surgery. Therefore, they decided to move to Pennsylvania to operate on him. The NYPost indicates that they spent nine hours operating it in the UPMC Children’s Hospital.

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He is still admitted to the hospital due to liver transplant. However, improves little by little. Kasen Donerlson has become the baby who managed to overcome the coronavirus, while waiting for the arrival of a liver to be transplanted by his.

U.S exceeds 23 million cases of coronavirus and the 384,000 deceased, according to the count of the Johns Hopkins University. The country is the hardest hit in the world with the coronavirus pandemic. This week it registered its record death toll with more than 4,000.

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