A pilot turned around on his route for passengers to enjoy the Northern Lights

enjoy a Northern Lights It is a show of a lifetime. And the passengers of the EasyJet flight EZY1806 were able to enjoy it thanks to the kindness of its pilot, who turned around on his route for it.

The photos are extraordinary.

An aurora borealis is a light effect produced by the collision between charged particles from the Sun and the Earth’s magnetic field.

Particles from the solar wind are guided by the Earth’s magnetic field, heading towards the poles.

By colliding with the oxygen and nitrogen molecules of the magnetic field, the atoms are excited, causing them to gain an electron, returning the energy acquired in the form of light.

Depending on the intensity and wavelength, the aurora borealis can be green or pink.

The wonderful flight to enjoy the northern lights

Passengers on EasyJet flight EZY1806 departed from Reykjavik, Iceland, to Manchester English airport.

But at the request of the crew to enjoy the northern lights, the pilot decided to make a controlled detour to the west of the Faroe Islands, which took just under 10 minutes. The plane was flying at 11,000 meters, according to Flight Radar 24, cited by the Daily Mail.

Thus, people were able to observe and photograph the wonderful event.

According to the Daily Mail, the group included a newly engaged couple, Adam Groves and Jasmine Mapp. Both had traveled to Iceland to see the aurora and make the link under its light, but due to cloudiness for four days, they did not succeed.

Still, thanks to the EasyJet pilot they were able to enjoy it. “On our flight home the pilot told us that if we could see the lights he would turn to allow us to see them,” Groves told the Daily Mail.

“About half an hour into our flight, the pilot dimmed the lights and we saw them.”

An EasyJet spokesperson said: “Our crew will always go above and beyond for our customers, and we are delighted to have been able to share this special view of the Northern Lights with them.”

We leave you more photos shared by passengers on Twitter.