A real mask for Donald Trum is the solidarity of the socialist country: China donated 30 million dollars to the WHO after the withdrawal of the United States

Washington cut its millionaire contribution, which is equivalent to what Beijing is delivering, arguing that the world health institution has taken positions too favorable to the Asian giant that with this donation seeks to alleviate the decline generated by the North American power.

China announced this Thursday the donation of US $ 30 million to World Health Organization (WHO) for the fight against Covid-19, with the purpose of palliate the withdrawal of United States, who decided last week suspend your financial contribution to the entity.

Washington cut his millionaire contribution, which is equivalent to what Beijing is delivering, arguing that the world health institution has taken positions too favorable to the Asian giant.

The American President, Donald Trump also denounced the “mismanagement” of the WHO of the Coronavirus pandemic, which has already caused more than 180,000 deaths in the world after making its appearance in China in late 2019.

The ruler’s decision unleashed protests from the international community, from Paris, through Berlin, to Moscow.

On the other hand, critics of the ruler also saw the US withdrawal as a symbolic victory for the Chinese government, which could further increase their influence in WHO.

“China decided to grant an additional $ 30 million, in cash, to WHO”, Beijing Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Thursday.

“This will serve in particular for the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic, and to support improvements in the health systems of developing countries,” he stressed at a press conference.


Various experts warn above all of a very possible increase in infections in Africa, where he number of places available in intensive care units does not exceed five per million inhabitants, against 4 thousand in Europe, for example.

The Chinese spokesperson also highlighted that his country had already given US $ 20 million to WHO, a figure that seems to refer to a donation made in March.

“Supporting the WHO at a critical moment in the global fight against the pandemic is equivalent to upholding the ideals and principles of multilateralism, and the status and authority of the United Nations”, Geng added.

The USA is the main economic support of the WHO, a multilateral institution created in 1948, whose operations and missions benefit from credits provided by its member states and donations from private benefactors.

According to Trump, US taxpayers contribute between US $ 400 million and US $ 500 million per year to the organization, against about US $ 40 million, “even less”, from China.


Following the US withdrawal, Beijing accused United States of “Undermine international cooperation” against him Covid-19 and urged Washington to “Take seriously your responsibilities and obligations.”

Although criticism of China’s management of the epidemic continues to be numerous, US Democratic leaders have strongly denounced their government’s decision to cut supplies to the WHO as the coronavirus continues to kill.

The United States is currently the country most mourned by the pandemic, with more than 46,000 deaths.

For his American detractors, the Republican head of state tries to turn Beijing into a scapegoat to make him forget his misrepresentations at the beginning of the epidemic, minimizing its breadth and praising the Chinese reaction to it.

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