A reporter breaks down in tears after talking about a family that has lost their mother to Covid: “It’s hard to bear”

After 10 months since the Covid pandemic began, it becomes increasingly difficult to face all the misfortunes that are happening, and more when we are in the middle of the third wave. Reporters have been following these events closely to report on the news, but after so long telling hard stories, There are people that they fall apart.

Sara sidner, a CNN journalist in the United States, was this Tuesday showing his latest report in a community where mainly black and Latino people live. Specifically, it reported on the case of the family of Julianna Jimenez, a Mexican woman who had died of coronavirus recently, just like your partner.

However, her children had to say goodbye to her and her stepfather in the parking lot out of the hospital because of strict sanitary measures. At the end of the report, Sidner went live to speak with the presenter, but she was completely dejected.

“You know? This is the 10th hospital I’ve been to … I’m sorry“Said the journalist and began to cry.” See the way these families have to live after this and the deep anguish they have, it’s really hard to bear. “

Alisyn Camerota, the news anchor, intervened to ask him not to apologize, as his reaction was logical and admirable: “We have been watching your reports on the street throughout this horrible year and we were all surprised by the grief, collective grief, in which we are all immersed “.

“See these families fighting, who are persevering and have to do funerals in parking lots like the ones you showed us, it’s a collective trauma that we are all living, “concluded the host, not without first congratulating her on her” excellent report “and praising her for the great “heart” that he always puts into his work.

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