A rescue helicopter flies over a forest and finds the romantic detail that a man did to his wife

Just as there is romantic details in heaven, there are also those who decide to do them on the floor. In this case, with the help of a forest, because that was the gift of love found by the crew of a rescue helicopter flying over the Kaipara Falls, New Zealand.

The Auckland Westpac rescue team was struck by this heart-shaped drawing and He did not hesitate to share the photo they made on networks. It quickly went viral, but the post remained a simple image with no story behind it.

Hase ("Hare" in German), the giant pink stuffed animal at the foot of the Alps.

However, the virality of post brought in comments from people who did know what was behind this area popularly called “the heart of the forest”. Apparently it was a certain Wayne barnes who created this heart among the trees in this region, for nearby he built a house and it was all part of a romantic gesture for his wife Rosie.

It is unknown if the couple still live there, but the Kaipara Falls Facebook group says that this place receives many visits from curious, as it can also be seen passing with the car at a certain point on the road.

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