A screen protector for the ‘iPhone SE Plus’ leaks, will it arrive soon?

After a keynote without many surprises, thanks to the increasingly precise work of Apple’s leakers, rumors continue to arrive of what the company of the bitten apple could present. And although the information corresponds to one of its most anticipated devices, it is not exactly the model that you surely imagine.

With the renewal of iPhone SE In March of this year, rumors immediately arose about the possibility of a “Plus” model that responded to the same concept of quality benefits at a much more competitive price and whose launch would be in 2021, however, new rumors indicate that it could arrive this same year.

Another cheap iPhone for this 2021

According to a post from ., a new accessory listed today at Best Buy hinted at the existence of that product. Specifically, it refers to a screensaver available for a “IPhone SE Plus 2020”. Thus, this test supports the predictions of several leakers, including the reliable analyst Ming-Chi who confirmed the development of this device by Apple.

The image and design of the protector published on the sales site corresponds to a 5.5-inch device that is virtually identical to the iPhone 8 Plus, same as Apple discontinued with the arrival of the iPhone SE, which in design was equivalent to the iPhone 8.

While it’s true that accessory makers don’t have any indication of when Apple might launch a new product, the post could be a Best Buy gamble for the iPhone SE Plus, should it be announced in Apple’s next keynote, that until now, is expected for this October 12.