A sexy Videl takes Gohan’s sword and becomes a powerful warrior in this alternate universe of Dragon Ball

On previous occasions we have talked about the importance of Videl for the last arc of Dragon Ball Z. Yes, we know that it was not decisive in defeating Majin Buu because there is no comparison with power levels, but it was not for the relegated to the role he plays in Dragon Ball Super.

The daughter of Mister Satan and wife of the most powerful warrior in all of Dragon Ball (Akira Toriyama’s words, not ours) is not a simple waifu dedicated to household chores.

In the arc that presents her, she demonstrates the potential that she keeps inside, by being able to fly; that as we well know it is necessary to control the ki to execute this technique.

And while we don’t expect her to take on Moro, Black Frieza, or any other villain they can think of, we did want to at least see her at a Martial Arts Tournament or working security in the Western Capital, like Krillin does.

The Fan Art that illustrates Videl as a warrior

While Dragon Ball relegates her to secondary roles, the series’ fan service exalts her as an important warrior.

The most recent version of Videl, the one with short hair in Dragon Ball Super, appears carrying the Zeta Sword that Gohan obtains on the planet of the Supreme Kaioshins. In fact, the young Saiyan is trapped within the Heavenly Weapon as the ancient Supreme Kai once was.

So, Videl carrying this item is a meaning that she is going to the rescue for her husband.