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Smartphones have quickly become a kind of Swiss army knife, integrating the functions of many computers and devices into one. In addition to working as a phone, web browser, GPS, and even ebook reader, it can also be used to learn, discover activities, and even remember to hydrate. Among the tools that people often take for granted is the voice recorder, an app that comes pre-installed on almost every computer.

While some people might not use this feature regularly, it tends to be quite useful for certain professional settings. For journalists or content creators, it’s a great way to conveniently capture audio, even if you don’t have professional equipment. For office workers or students, it can be perfect for recording classes and meetings for later reference. But despite its flexibility, few phones have a very flexible recorder.

A recorder for your phone with everything you may need

In general, the only thing that phones with pre-installed apps have are the most basic tools of each application. In the case of a voice recorder, users are going to be lucky if the default software lets them record, stop, and select where to play the recording from. That is why there are endless external options that can be very attractive to the community. And among them we can talk about the Splend Apps project.

Its Voice Recorder is perfect because it has several abilities that other apps that come pre-installed lack. Initially, it is a free tool that is supported by ads. However, the ads are not invasive, which makes for a very positive user experience. Also, unlike other options on the market, it does not have any limitation on the length of the final recording. It can be left for hours as long as you still have space.

Speaking of space, the voice recorder can also be used with various formats. This gives consumers more flexibility on the type of content they generate. For example, you can choose to generate files that are of low quality, to save memory space. Or, create much more refined audios that have a higher sound quality despite their weight. Overall, it’s a great way to take the next step on your phone.

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