A Spanish company will distribute a mouthwash capable of detecting Covid-19 in one minute

With the arrival of the Christmas dates, many people are considering taking a test to rule out coronavirus infection before meeting with their loved ones: PCR, serological test or rapid antigen test are the different existing tests.


Each of the tests varies in price, time and reliability indexes, advantages and disadvantages that must be assessed before deciding on one or another test. Also, companies continue to bet on technology to add new ones to these options.

This is the case of mouthwash that is being validated by the Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products, a test that allows in just one minute to know if a person is infected with Covid-19 or not.

The test, which is based on Israeli technology, has been developed in Spain by the company eSalud Plus, a technological platform specialized in taking samples, in collaboration with the company Lambra, as indicated by Antena 3.

How does this test work?

The test is very simple, as it only takes a minute for the client to rinse their mouth with a saline solution. Then the sample is deposited into a test tube and a machine, the spectrometer, analyze the result in one secondAll of this with a high level of reliability.

This new way of checking possible cases of contagion by coronavirus would have a price of about three euros for each rinse, since the spectrometer for industrial use would have an approximate price of 3,000 euros and it would be able to analyze about 1,000 rinse samples at a time.

Its use could be indicated for mass events, since it allows to check in a very short period of time if the attendees are or are not infected by Covid-19.

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