A Spanish sailor collides with an eight-meter whale in the Vendée Globe, around the world under sail

In case one was not demanding enough sailing around the world alone, in which participants cannot receive assistance or do any type of stopover, Spanish Didac Vila, you have seen how your participation in the Vendée Globe It could have ended after the incident you had last Monday.

Laia Sanz, during the presence of the Acciona Sainz XE-Team

The IMOCA60 ‘One Planet One Ocean’ by navigator Costa hit a whale on Monday afternoon 650 miles (1,200 km) southwest of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, putting your participation and all the work done so far at risk, their physical integrity and that of the animal.

Fortunately, and according to himself he has explained in his social media accounts, no major damage to any of the three parties had to be regretted and so much the boat, the navigator and the whale could continue without major complications.

Costa was at latitude 43º30 ‘South sailing at a speed of 10 knots (18km / h) when he noticed the impact. He quickly stopped the boat and checked the hull and keel. “I have checked that there was only a scratch on the keel and I have yet to continue inspecting but I don’t think it is anything serious“, has indicated.

“I have seen the whale come out, about seven or eight meters long, from the stern, snorting and as it moved I don’t think it has suffered any damage either“, it is finished.

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