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Speedrunners are not taken for neighbors. This community, which aims to complete games as quickly as possible, always finds a new challenge to overcome, however difficult it may be. We’ve already seen them perform in classics like Doom and Quake, but one of their favorites is the classic. Super Mario Bros.

You may have spent several hours of your life squashing mushrooms, going through green pipes, and performing fireball attacks. Do you remember your mark to complete the game? A player has managed to lower the timer below 4:55 and has broken the world record.

The person in charge of completing this difficult test in Super Mario Bros. has been the Twitch streaming «Niftski». In fact, the feat is totally recent. The young man achieved this new global mark on the night of April 7. Of course, as his YouTube channel shows, he has had to make hundreds of attempts before he succeeded.

“Niftski” has not used a Nintendo console. To run Super Mario Bros. he leaned on Nestopia UE, a NES emulator for PC written in C ++. And, like the rest of the speedrunners, it has had to submit to the rules established by speedrun.com. The website that brings together this community recommends “transmitting all attempts and sending the files so that the execution is accepted.”

A Super Mario Bros. record with a gimmick, but that’s not bad

Since 2018, the world record for completing Super Mario Bros has been held by «Kosmicd12«, A speedrunner gamer who had managed to lower his time to 4: 55: 913. Theoretically, it was thought that it was possible for a human to achieve a faster time, but it took almost three years until «Niftski»Reached the 4: 54: 948.

“Niftski” explained that to achieve this extraordinary time he took advantage of the “Flagpole glitch” (mast failure), a recognized bug in Super Mario Bros. that allows you to finish a level without completing the flag animation. As he comments, resorting to this ruling allowed him to save 0.35 seconds compared to the previous record. It is worth mentioning that, in the speedrunner community, it is completely valid to rely on game errors.

Super Mario Bros

As explained in speedrun.com, to use “the mast failure” it is necessary to make a game with a precision of “sub-pixels”, as you can see in the video below. Although the Twitch streamer has managed to break the world record, this trick allows you to lower the time to 4:54:24, although of course, no one has yet succeeded.

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