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Mhoni Seer: A stronger virus is coming, we must warn ourselves (Instagram)

Mhoni Seer: A stronger virus is coming, we must prevent ourselves | Instagram

It seems that the world begins to see the light in the middle of the current pandemic; However, the famous Mhoni Seer ensures that human beings should not lower their guard as a stronger virus is coming.

The famous Cuban clairvoyant took out her best predictions for the program Here with you where he shared that what is currently being presented is not a new virus, but a new strain; However, man must be prepared because another virus will arrive and it will be even stronger than the current one.

Everything has a beginning and an end, definitely for this month of May or June we will be able to master it with vaccines and with a drug that is going to leave Mexico or the United States, that you are going to take a pill or two and it will cut you; but this strain is definitely worth taking care of, gentlemen. This strain is the same flu, but a little more evolved … it was something created in laboratories and they continue to create it, he shared about the current virus.

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To say of Mhoni Seer, the new virus will spread in the world in ten more years, but this should not be taken with relaxation; Since it will affect you in a worse way than Covid-19 and they must be prepared.

Another virus is coming, in ten more years, that if I see it more catastrophic and stronger in ten years more gentlemen. This virus will completely infect human beings through the stomach or through the stomach, which is going to be more aggressive towards people.

The cuban He assured that his prediction is not to alarm, but in order for the world to prepare and find a way to be as healthy and fit as possible; He related this whole situation to the scientist Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution.

So we have to stay healthy, strong, completely uplifting. That is why I tell you in 2021, in ten more years, 2030 or 31, that virus is going to come out of India or Africa again.

The world is really alarmed by the current strain of Covid-19, which they say has already arrived in Mexico and sent the first case to intensive care. However, another famous seer Deseret Tavares does not think the same as Mhoni Seer, about the fact that Covid-19 will come to an end very soon and within her predictions she has indicated that a third, even more aggressive strain is about to emerge.

Listen to Mhoni Vidente at minute 8:30

The Colombian saw in her letters and her crystal ball the closure again in the world due to the lack of control by the virus. Deseret Tavares pointed out that there will be no control, they will not know how to proceed before him and before that, what they will seek to control is people and not the suffering.

Since before the emergence of Covid-19, the considered professional rival of Mhoni Vidente, warned about the virus that would affect the world, a prediction that when it was fulfilled notably increased its popularity.

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Among the strong predictions of Tavares is a huge earthquake that would end up devastating the United States and a severe economic crisis for the country considered one of the strongest in the world.

On several occasions, Deseret Tavares has released messages in which he implies that Mhoni Vidente copies his predictions; However, there is room for both and they have a fairly large audience that they have managed to acquire thanks to their correct predictions.

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