A US congressman loses a tooth live while speaking at a press conference

Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert was giving a press conference when one of his teeth seemed to fall out.

The politician keeps talking but you can see how he places his tooth inside his mouth, and shortly after giving the floor to another person.

In a video captured by The Recount and shared on his Twitter, the 67-year-old republican can be seen giving a speech the moment one of his teeth falls off.

Later, the politician clarified that although it seemed that a tooth had fallen outIt was actually a temporary crown, which came loose. Crowns are covers that are normally placed on the teeth to protect them if they are damaged.

Own Gohmert referred to the fact on Twitter, complaining about the attention that this anecdote had generated.

“Journalists are already more interested in covering the fact that my crown temporary was released during the press conference“instead of” in reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop or rampant voter fraud in the 2020 election. Excellent priorities, as always“, he complained.

Gohmert already made the news for refusing to wear a mask amid the pandemic and for testing positive for COVID-19 just before a trip to Texas with President Donald Trump.

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