A video leaks of the supposed AR glasses of Samsung, rivals of Apple Glass

On numerous occasions, Samsung has criticized and subsequently followed in Apple’s footsteps. But in the next competition, both companies could be on par. After a few weeks ago, some prototypes of the Apple Glass attempts were shared, now a video has been leaked with the alleged Samsung AR glasses.

Samsung Augmented Reality Glasses Concept
Samsung Augmented Reality Glasses Concept

The leaker known as «WalkingCat»Has shared apparently official videos of the Samsung concept showing” Samsung Glasses Lite “and” Samsung AR Glasses “, from his Twitter account. The Samsung Glasses Lite give the illusion of a 2D screen in front of the user, while Samsung AR Glasses can display interactive 3D objects and environments.

Samsung prepares two models of augmented reality glasses

Like Apple, the leak shared through Twitter includes two proposals; one of augmented reality and others of virtual reality.

According to the description obtained from MacRumors, the Samsung Glasses Lite can be used as a virtual movie theater or computer monitor, and the video shows several practical uses for this, such as piloting a drone with a first-person overlay view.

This model they don’t seem to respond to gesturesInstead, they rely on a Samsung smartwatch for controls and are apparently unable to display 3D objects or offer a wide field of view.

In the meantime, Samsung’s AR glasses appear to be a more capable and high-end AR product similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens. Unlike the Samsung Glasses Lite, the Samsung AR Glasses seem to respond to hand and arm gestures. These additional capabilities will surely impact the final price.

If it is about prototypes created from truthful information, both seem to be clearly targeting two different price points and they offer a clear appreciation, of how technology companies may be planning to commercialize AR glasses.

Unlike Apple’s glasses, which could be scheduled to launch between late 2022 and early 2023, no reports have made any predictions regarding a likely launch date for Samsung’s glasses.

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