A video of Mick and Michael Schumacher goes viral after their signing for Haas

Mick schumacher will debut next season in Formula 1. The Ferrari driver will race for a year in Haas, an announcement much celebrated by his father’s fans. Interestingly, next to Michael, Mick first got behind the wheel of a car when he was only one year old. This is reflected in a video that has gone viral in recent hours.

Twenty years later, this video has been rescued by the official website of Formula 1. “Little Mick Schumacher got behind the wheel for the first time with his father at just one year”, You could read in the publication that he has shared on his social networks.

I have always believed that it would make my dream of Formula 1 come true. A big thanks must also go to all the great motorsport fans who have supported me throughout my careerto. I will give it my all, as I always do, and I hope to undertake this journey together with Haas F1 and them, “he said. Mick schumacher after his signing for Haas was confirmed.

Michael Schumacher, present on Mick’s number

Regarding the number with which he will race in 2021, the German rider has indicated: “I’ve been thinking about it and it will be 47. Fourth and seven are my favorite numbers, but since I can’t use those anymore, I opted for 47. It was a fun choice, as it also if you add all the birthdays of our family, it also comes out 47. It was pretty clear that that would be the number. “

It should be noted that Michael Schumacher had a superstition not to run with even numbers. When he returned to Formula 1 he was going to do it with the 4 since the 3 in Mercedes was assigned to Nico Rosberg. However, Ross Brawn, aware of the kaiser’s manias, changed the numbers of both drivers.

After learning about the arrival of Mick Schumacher to Haas, the president of the FIA, Jean Todt, who is a close friend of his father, congratulated the pilot of 21 years. “Glad to have you in the Formula 1 championship next season”, He wrote on his Twitter account.

Michael Schumacher is following Mick

It was precisely Jean Todt who, when asked about the state of health of Michael Schumacher, which is unknown since he suffered a skiing accident in 2013, commented: “You know this is a question about which I am going to be extremely reserved. My answer is always the same: He is struggling and all we can do is wish him and his family that things get better. It is very well surrounded. And he’s in a place where he’s comfortable enough. “

However, the president of the FIA ​​revealed that Michael Schumacher is no stranger to what happens to his son: “Of course you are following it”. “He is a young and talented driver. It has a great name, but it will take time. It is too early to compare him with his father and to know if he will be able to compete with Hamilton or Verstappen, we still do not know”Added Jean Todt.

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