A website that creates fake videos of anyone using artificial intelligence

In recent days, a new video program has become a sensation in the world of technology and editing among the amateur public. It is an audiovisual content generator that, through artificial intelligence (AI), can generate animated clips of real or artificial people who speak and reproduce texts from photos.

Studio D-ID

This new and revolutionary tool offers the possibility of creating unique videos, as well as downloading the results obtained and sharing them on all the important social networks that exist up to now. With the help of advanced software, this free website integrates text and audio so that the person in the still image appears to be speaking and delivering whatever speech is commanded.

One of the great advantages is that in a time when everything is paid for, this site is totally free and freely accessible, so anyone can enter and create all the videos they want just by having a Google profile or Linkedin or an email address.

After entering the website studio.d-id.com, the option to generate a new video with fictitious people generated by artificial intelligence or upload your own photo will appear. The digital portrait should be frontal if you want your video to look its best and real as possible, with good lighting and with a neutral facial expression and closed mouth.

You can write a short text of up to 3,000 characters in the box located at the top right of the screen and in that same place you will see the possibility of choosing the language in which the character will speak and the type of voice, although Spanish options are limited to just two.

All the clips you have generated are stored in a section of the site called Video Library under the name New creative video. There they can be downloaded in MP4 format or shared directly on your social networks.

But not everything is perfect since the tool expires 14 days after creating your account or when you have consumed the 20 credits that the site gives you. In case you want to make more videos or use any of the avatars with artificial characters that the page proposes, the payment plans vary between $5.99 and $299.99.