A well-known Norwegian denier dies with coronavirus after causing an outbreak with another deceased in an illegal meeting

Updated Tuesday, April 20, 2021 – 10:31

The Police are tracking those who attended one of Hans Kristian Gaarder’s encounters, on his farm, days before he died.

Hans Kristian Gaarder, well-known Norwegian denier killed by coronavirus.YOUTUBEDirect Coronavirus Spain today, breaking news

It was confirmed after his death, because in life he never agreed to do a PCR, but Hans Kristian Gaarder died with coronavirus. This well-known Norwegian denier who defines himself as an “independent researcher” was a recurring name on social media, where his posts had been flagged several times as suspected of spreading dangerous misinformation about the disease, which for him was part of a plan for world domination. and it didn’t go beyond a cold.

The man behind the conspiracy theory forum Nyhetsspeilet.no, where even the Utoya attack and there is talk of “coronavirus hysteria”, he died at home on March 20 with symptoms, and researchers believe he could have been sick for weeks without notifying anyone, reports Nrk. The autopsy should confirm whether the coronavirus was the cause of death, but a post-mortem test confirmed that Gaarder was indeed infected, reported the municipality of Gran, where he resides.

The same municipal website published an urgent notice to the participants in two events that the deceased himself organized on his farm, a few days before he died. “We do not know how many and who have participated in the event, but we ask participants to perform a crown test as soon as possible,” implored the municipal notice.

A very difficult outbreak to track

At least 10 people participated in two meetings organized by Gaarder, under the title Trump, Biden, and the way forward for America and the world. Of these, at least one participant has died. It is about a 70-year-old British woman whose family acknowledged in a statement that she was a denialist and that she was ill with respiratory symptoms for a week before she died: Covid-19 she didn’t want any medical attention, even when she was getting sicker and sicker. “

At least four municipalities have registered infected related to the people who attended the meeting, but the work of the trackers is complex, given the denial nature of the possible infected. “Usually when we track infected people we get a lot of complete and correct information about their contacts,” explains Dr Are Lken, in charge of health research, to NRK. “Here we find opposition. We are not receiving the complete information we need and we have also been provided incorrect information.”

Meanwhile, on Gaarder’s website, his followers theorize about what could have happened on that farm. “How many more will have to die before they realize that something is wrong?” Asks one of its editors, “Could there be a black hand behind?”

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